ProPrint is a leading trade magazine that has captured a younger audience in the printing industry and is published bi-monthly. It performs particularly well online, and on social media platforms, where readers regularly interact with the content, share it with friends and tag them in posts.

It is people focused and breaks down the heavier content to be more easily digestible, while also supplying readers with a steady supply of print related news.

ProPrint features and hosts the Power 50 each December, now heading into its ninth year. The Power 50 is well regarded in the industry and all votes are independently verified by a private auditing company. Extensions of the Power 50 brand could also lead to forums with industry leaders on what they consider to be imperative for the longevity and viability of the industry.

It’s Q&A section profiles a different printer each edition, asking casual, fun, light hearted questions giving readers a different side to printers.

The ProPrint Star Business segment takes a detailed look at a single company that is performing strongly, looking at its strategy, size, growth. It may also look at printers that are doing something differently and seeing results come through that process.

The Peter Kohn pieces give more of a technical breakdown of market technology, while the Leon Gettler pieces look at more business-related topics. Frank Romano also provides his perspective on the industry, often by looking into the past and comparing it with today.

Made an Impression highlights the strong work an individual business has been doing in the past month, while its Print by Numbers section gives quick facts on the state of the industry, weaving the figures in with content in the magazine.

Contributors include:

Peter Kohn, who produces the tech guides, which look at a different focus area each month, whether it is high-speed inkjet, wide-format, MIS/W2P, etc

Leon Gettler, a lawyer by trade who writes on industrial relations, business plans, and legal knots to tie

Frank Romano, elder statesmen of the printing industry and emeritus professor at Rochester Institute of Technology in New York. Romano is a world-renowned authority on graphic communications, printing, publishing and electronic publishing.

Editor: Sheree Young

Frequency: 6 issues/year


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